The Black Keys : Delta Kream

Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney have been at it now for 20 years as The Black Keys. They have been on a steady course from Midwestern underground blues revivalists to indie rock darlings to mainstream, middle-aged rockers soundtracking soccer mom road trips. Regardless of where you’re at on the Keys’ timeline, Auerbach and Carney put […]

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Darkside Return With “Liberty Bell”; New Album ‘Spiral’ Drops Spring 2021

Featured photo by Jed DeMoss One of my favorite albums of 2013 was from the Nicolas Jaar/Dave Harrington project Darkside. That album, Psychic, was a mixture of slow motion electronics and Dave Gilmour-like guitar licks. A cross between Pink Floyd, Alan Parsons, and Four Tet all mixed into this unique, slow burn of a record. […]

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Delicate Steve : The Christmas Album

Delicate Steve(aka Steve Marion) is one of the best young guitarists working today. A eloquent mix of Ry Cooder, Santos and Johnny, and George Harrison, Delicate Steve makes his guitar sing in place of his voice, creating an often engaging and haunting sound. On Delicate Steve’s The Christmas Album the standards are covered in a […]

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“Lost inside my sick head”…

Alice In Chains’ Facelift was unlike any album I’d heard when I first put it in my ears of December 1990. They were a Seattle band, but they were not like Soundgarden, Mother Love Bone, Screaming Trees, or Mudhoney. They were darker and much more metal than their Pacific Northwest peers. With Jerry Cantrell’s guitar […]

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Earthless : Black Heaven

I think one of the worst things that can happen as a fan of a metal band is when that band softens their sound. There’s really nothing more disappointing than when your favorite metal band drop the rough edges and darker vibes for a slick production, bluesy riffs, and bloody ballads. Metallica comes to mind […]

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