Lisa Bella Donna : Moogmentum

The newest release from synth pioneer Lisa Bella Donna sees her paying tribute to another pioneer, Bob Moog. Lisa Bella Donna pays tribute by making an album of exquisite sonic tastes; a record created with the Moog at the heart of it. Moogmentum is a sonic journey that only requires an open mind and open […]

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Polypores : Shpongos

There’s something quite majestic and magical about Polypores’ latest release Shpongos. For his last few releases within the modular synth world, Stephen James Buckley has been deep diving into not only the mechanics of the modular synth, but the mechanics of humanity and the world within which humanity ebbs and flows. Using this machine as […]

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Polypores Readies ‘Shpongos’, Out 4/26; Listen To “Everything Connected At Once”

The modular synth world of Polypores is quite the magical place. Stephen James Buckley approaches music as more than just melodies and electronic music. With each album he sees these songs as a means to connect on both a melodic and visceral level. Man and machine working together, with every buzzing circuit and blip of […]

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Nigel Mullaney : The Navigator

If the name Nigel Mullaney doesn’t ring a bell, it’s because for a good portion of his career he’s worked behind the scenes. You may not have heard of his name, but more than likely you’ve heard his work via Netflix, DC, Marvel, AMC, Fox, HBO and the BBC. His work as an in-session programmer […]

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Steve Roach : Tomorrow

Musician and composer Steve Roach is a legend in the ambient/new age music world. He started out as a Motorcross racer in his early 20s before being inspired by Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze, and Vangelis to teach himself to play the synthesizer. He released his debut album Now in 1982, and by 1986 he released […]

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Johnny Woods : Pavilions

Johnny Woods’ brilliant Pavilions is a magical sort of record. It encapsulates all the things we love about minimalist electronic music. This Buchla-driven electronic album pulsates with a synthetic heartbeat that captures a sort of otherworldly optimism within its compositions. Woods is a visual artist by trade, working in film and video. He has created […]

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