Blueberry Bagels and Painkillers

When you find a great bagel in the Midwest it’s kind of a big deal. Typically in the flyover states we’re stuck with chain restaurants like Einstein Bagels, Panera Bread, or Big Apple Bagels when you want a New York-style bagel. And while they may be okay, they’re not the real deal. If you don’t […]

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A Year On The Mend

It was a year ago today that my wife drove us an hour east on a rainy, dreary morning to Parkview Hospital for my back surgery. It doesn’t seem possible it’s been that long. It seems like it was just a couple months ago I was waiting for that day to come, both anticipating and […]

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Baby Boyz

My son made me a proud papa. Sure, all my kids are sweet, smart, polite, kind, and all that other stuff parents brag about on bumper stickers that they place on the family minivan. But this goes beyond all of that. This is like a next level proud parent moment. Even more so than if […]

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