Nicklas Sørensen : Live

Guitarist Nicklas Sørensen comes at the guitar in a very unique way. He paints these vibes out of thin air; he builds cavernous soundscapes and sound fortresses with his instrument. For sure Sørensen can blow the roof off the joint with his red Stratocaster in his psych/prog trio Papir. He can riff and blow minds […]

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Future Museums : Damo’s Dream

Neil Lord, aka Future Museums, was tapped to put together three different bands back in 2019 to be backing musicians for the great Damo Suzuki. Suzuki, of course from Can and a plethora of collaborations over the last 50 years in experimental music, was to play three distinct shows in the US. Austin, Dallas, and […]

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Italian native Marco Santucci de Magistris, aka INUIT, takes a deep dive on his debut release IIAALI on the always amazing Aural Canyon Records. IIAALI is one of those albums that allows you to close out the world and lock in with something deeper and something bigger than you. Through the use of synthesizers, de […]


Future Museums : Heavenish

Neil Lord up to this point has used the moniker Future Museums as a way to open up and get deep with the world around him. The albums he creates as Future Museums feel like hallowed halls echoing with the hum of the universe, a music born out of deep meditation and tuning to the […]

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