Alex Calder : Self-Titled

Alex Calder came up with Mac Demarco in Makeout Videotape. Playing lo fi, kind of sleazy pop with Mac, he went out on his own after Demarco struck it big with his album 2. Where Demarco displayed a kind of Cheshire cat grin and self-assured creepiness that came off more endearing than problematic, Alex Calder’s […]

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Rock ‘N Roll Andy Kauffman

Is there something wrong with Alex Calder? I mean, I listen to his albums and I really quite enjoy him. Weird, off-kilter pop music seems to be his thing. Songs that are catchy, yet there’s always something in there that seems kind of off. You’re waiting for the moment when this affable guy is going […]

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Alex Calder : Strange Dreams

Listening to Alex Calder’s Strange Dreams I had the strongest feeling of deja vu I’ve ever had. It was as if I’d heard the album before. Hell, it was as if I’d written about it in fact. But how could that be? How could I have written a review for an album I’d never heard […]

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Alex Calder :: Strange Dreams

The title of Alex Calder’s newest album couldn’t be more accurate. Listening to Strange Dreams is indeed like having a strange dream. The music wobbles and shimmers. It hops along like a hurt animal doped up on narcotics. It’s hallucinogenic demeanor oozes out of the speakers as if some symbiotic creature wanting to meld into […]

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Alex Calder-Time

There’s a certain calm detachment that rules Alex Calder’s new e.p. Time. It’s as if he woke up from a nap, grabbed a beer from the fridge, and decided to record some songs in his living room. It doesn’t feel forced or over complicated. The songs have a stream-of-consciousness vibe to them that makes you […]

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