A Patch Of My Childhood

Behind my mom and dad’s house, the 1,070 sq ft brick ranch I grew up in, is a patch of my childhood. A weathered and shadowed two acres of gnarled, twisted pines where I would disappear on hot summer afternoons. This is where I would pretend to be on the forest moon of Endor battling […]

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Odd Man Out

When I was a teenager I was pretty intimidated by hip hop music. It wasn’t that I didn’t like it. Some of it I liked quite a bit. But the problem for me is that I’m a pretty introverted guy for the most part. In conversation with friends and acquaintances I can hold my own, […]

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My Drama Queen Turns Thirteen

I think it started as early as three years old. We were barely home a week from the hospital after our middle child was born when our oldest -then three years old- showed us that she could in fact read.  Not just a word here or there.  She could READ.  We always read to her, […]

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