Wolfmen Of Mars : Might Be Evil

Wolfmen Of Mars fill a very specific musical void in my life; the vibes of my favorite childhood late night creature feature show called Nightmare Theater, which aired every Friday night on Channel 55, early White Zombie, a haunted western, and heavy metal electronic music. All of those elements intertwine and feed off one another […]

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Black Mountain : Destroyer

I remember when I got my drivers license. I was a late bloomer and didn’t get mine till I was 17. After some shenanigans prior to being 16 and my uncle’s 1949 Chevy, I was banned from getting my license for a bit. But when I did finally get it, it was such a feeling […]

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How Not To Make A Music Video

So yesterday I put together this crazy little music video for a song from a music project I’m involved in called Cambodia Highball.  “I Told You I Was Broken” is a cool, dark little number that is nothing like anything else so far that we’ve recorded.  I wanted to put something together to help promote […]

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