Broken Lamps : Metropolis

Eric Bowr is something of a maestro of the studio. His albums as Broken Lamps are meticulously recorded, arranged, and performed time machines that take you back to the mid-to-late 60s. A kaleidoscopic sound of groovy psychedelia, Giallo drama, and exploitation library music that brings back the golden age of Euro melodrama. Bowr performs, engineers, […]

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My Drunken Haze :: My Drunken Haze

One listen to Athens, Greece quintet My Drunken Haze and their self-titled debut, you can tell they’ve done their homework. Their sound is colored with hues found on a late-60s psychedelic color wheel. They veer more on the side of pop than rock, but that’s not to say a fuzz pedal isn’t engaged here and […]

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Heaven’s Gateway Drugs :: Apropos

Apropos is the sophomore effort by a band that for all intents and purposes no longer exists. It’s a swan song for Heaven’s Gateway Drugs Version 1.1. Since recording Apropos last December the Fort Wayne psych/freak cooperative have cocooned themselves and have re-emerged a new kind of freaky beast. Three of the five original members […]

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How Not To Make A Music Video

So yesterday I put together this crazy little music video for a song from a music project I’m involved in called Cambodia Highball.  “I Told You I Was Broken” is a cool, dark little number that is nothing like anything else so far that we’ve recorded.  I wanted to put something together to help promote […]

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