New Age Music For Androids

Tim Hecker is a name I’ve heard quite a bit over the last three or four years. Ever since I fell into the musical wormhole that is Oneohtrix Point Never I’ve taken quite a bit more notice of electronic artists. Hecker’s Virgins was an album I’d jumped into and found interesting but it never quite […]

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Once in a great while a record comes out and completely catches me off guard. Sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse. With the debut record of LNZNDRF it’s definitely for the better. It’s one of those debuts that comes out of the gate and grabs you instantly. Part euro pop, part Krautrock […]


Deerhunter’s “Snakeskin”

Last year when I’d heard Deerhunter’s Bradford Cox was hit by a car and put into the hospital I was worried. Not only for the guy’s health, but for the future of Deerhunter. Cox is one of those artists that always seems to be working and putting out music. Whether it’s Deerhunter, Atlas Sound, or […]

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