Talk To Me : In Memory of Judy F

There are very few people that I’ve encountered in my life that have been as memorable and exhausting as Judy F. Judy was my supervisor when I first started at my current job(an orthopedic company that, at that time, specialized in strictly spinal implants.) My hire-in date was September 27th, 1999. If you’re doing the […]

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What, Me Worry?

I grew up reading MAD Magazine. My dad, before he became a dad, husband, and clock puncher for 50 years at the same printing company, was an aspiring artist. He’d even applied at the Art Institute of Indianapolis his senior year of high school and was accepted, but due to lack of funds he didn’t […]

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In Memory Of Leon Redbone

Leon Redbone was one of those characters that seemed to have stepped out of an E.L. Doctorow novel, or an Our Gang comedy. Playing Tin Pan Alley shuffles and ragtime ballads on the guitar and whistling like a drunken bum with just a swig of whiskey left in his flask. Except instead of appearing out […]

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RIP Shawn Smith

A long ago friend hipped me to Brad’s first LP Shame in his mom’s basement back in 1993. It was this odd-looking basement, one that was finished but was furnished like it was 1975. Bright orange counter tops and cabinets with a faucet to wash the dishes dirtied at the key parties that probably took […]

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Dick Dale : 1937-2019

I suppose I owe Quentin Tarantino for exposing me to Dick Dale. Sure, I’d catch an earful of his swanky surf guitar playing as a kid sitting in my room listening to oldies 97.7 out of Elkhart, Indiana. But my first slap in the face from Dick Dale was “Miserlou” in Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction. Hearing […]

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E.A. Pooman : 2012-2018

After over half a decade of writing about local northeast Indiana artists and general cranky indignation towards the outside world at large, I regret to inform you of the passing of music writer E.A. Poorman. He passed away yesterday at the ripe old age of 6 and some odd months old. He wrote for the […]

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Stan Lee : 1922-2018

I grew up a kid that was sick a lot. At one point our family doctor told my mom that he thought I had Leukemia due to how often I’d been sick in my relatively short life of 4 years. My mom insisted he check me for allergies, so as to “humor” her he did […]

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