There are a few bands that are part of my DNA thanks to my parents. At a very young age I can remember hearing on the Zenith console stereo in the basement Aerosmith, The Doors, and Led Zeppelin on a very routine basis. My mom and dad had the first house out of all of […]

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The Treehouse

A few months back I grabbed the soundtrack to a Belgian horror film called Cub. Not because I was particularly interested in the film(though I do plan on seeing it at some point), but because it was another film soundtrack by Zombi keyboardist/bassist Steve Moore. Moore has been making horror/progressive/futurist music with drummer Anthony Paterra […]

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Kicking A Can Of Worms

Damn. I don’t know what it is about Metz that really gets me wired up and ready to take on an army of replicant Ninjas with laser eyes, but I feel 10 feet tall, part man/part machine, and all jagged indifference when I listen to them. There’s an anxiety-driven angst in their music that pushes […]

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A Saucerful Of Strawberries

Last year I bought Eternal Tapestry’s album Wild Strawberries completely on a whim. Well, honestly I think Thrill Jockey Records forced me to. You see, they send me emails and entice me with “preorders” and “limited edition” things. These limited editions I speak of are only available if you buy the record a couple months […]

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Antisocial…and loving it!

If you think about it State of Euphoria by Anthrax really didn’t have a chance. It’s the bland meat in-between the out of this world speed metal artisan bun known as Among The Living and Persistence Of Time. Among The Living is the premier thrash album from 1987. It was the proto-speed/thrash metal album, and one of […]

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