Big Jaw : Apophenia

Big Jaw have been a consistent source of guitar-based rock and roll mayhem for a few years now. Big riffs, soaring melodies, and propulsive rhythms build around songs that anyone that’s ever struggled in life or maybe had doubts about themselves can completely connect with. Lead singer, guitarist, and main songwriter Clint Roth has a […]

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Big Jaw : Fort Fun

Clint Roth, aka Big Jaw, is a name you may not know but give it a little time. He’ll be a name you’ll know soon enough. I’ll give you some highlights: Roth grew up in the Midwest but is now based in Austin, TX. He’s one of those incredibly talented cats that can play everything. […]

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Big Jaw :: Photophobia

How dare Clint Roth, aka Big Jaw, write music like he has on Photophobia well into the 21st century. What kind of music am I referring to? You know, the kind with big, meaty guitar riffs, mammoth drum beats, and that thing called melody. It goes completely against current music standards. In particular, Music Standards […]

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