Listen : Assassun Returns With Chaotic “Unfold On My Chest”; ‘Chronic Quicksand’ Out 3/24

Alexander Donat never rests when it comes to music. The German musician/songwriter is always working on new songs; whether it be the post/punk dark wave of Vlimmer, the the shimmering dream pop of Fir Cone Children, under his own name as Leonard Donat, or his most recent project Assassun.

Assassun is a kind of post-punk/EDM trip that locks into that time in music history when the late 70s wave of post-punk discovered the smash n bash beauty of electronics. The results were bands like Abwärts, Einstürzende Neubauten, NItzer Ebb, New Order, and Public Image Limited. Donat doesn’t emulate these bands, merely connects to their spirit and creates something quite his own.

Last year’s Assassun debut, Sunset Skull, laid the the foundation for what Donat wanted to create within the project’s sonic world. A year later he’s readying the release of Assassun’s second album titled Chronic Quicksand. Though before the album’s March 24th release we’re treated to another single, “Unfold On My Chest”.

“Unfold On My Chest” opens on wavering synths before an almost electro-clash beat comes in and Donat sings in a Mark E. Smith-meets-John Lydon bark. Musically there’s an early NIN feel, with an almost “Up Above It” vibe coming through the hard-hitting, jagged rhythm. It’s an in-your-face track that sees Assassun taking no prisoners.

Here’s what Donat had to say about the track:

“Unfold on My Chest” specifically is about relationships that more and more suffer from poisonous ways of dealing with everyday confrontations. It’s like putting some beast on your ribcage that rips you open and sucks you dry.”

Listen to “Unfold On My Chest” below, and then pick up Assassun’s sophomore release ‘Chronic Quicksand’ on 3/24 via Blackjack Iluminist Records.

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