Fir Cone Children Return With ‘Today There’s No Tomorrow’, out 9/30; Listen To “Pull It Out”

Alexander Donat is a man on a mission. The mission? To fill the world with great music, that’s the mission. Whether it’s in his post-punk/darkwave project Vlimmer or in his dream pop project Fir Cone Children; even releasing music from other like-minded artists via his record label Blackjack Illuminist Records, Donat is a true renaissance man when it comes to sharing musical art.

On September 30th, Donat is releasing his latest album as Fir Cone Children, and the project’s 8th record, called Today There’s No Tomorrow. It’s another blast of caffeinated dreampunk with a substantial dollop of sugary power pop for good measure. Fuzz pedals are engaged, with just the right amount of sunny disposition to keep the vibes on high.

Today you get a chance to hear the latest single(the fourth, in fact) that’s been released so far. “Pull It Out” is the album opener and for a Fir Cone Children track its got quite a bit of “bite”. The track is influenced by Alex’ youngest daughter and the rough time she had trying to get a tooth to fall out. The songs written in the world of Fir Cone Children are all coming from the perspective of Alex’ children(two girls, 7 and 9), or Alex’ perspective of seeing the world through their eyes. The buoyancy and hyper optimism makes perfect sense when you know the inspiration for Fir Cone Children, and “Pull It Out” is as rough and tumble as the youth it seems to emulate.

Garage rock glee, dreampunk aggressiveness, and as always Donat’s ingenious knack for melody and vocal layering make “Pull It Out” the best choice to open Fir Cone Children’s Today There’s No Tomorrow.

Listen to “Pull It Out” below. Today There’s No Tomorrow drops on 9/30 via Blackjack Illuminist Records. Look for it here.

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