Papir Return With ‘7’, Out 1/14/22; Listen To the Gorgeous “7.2”

Papir are one of those bands that transcend with each album. Starting out with an impressive run of LPs with the mighty El Paraiso Records in the 2010s, the power trio(which consists of Christoffer Brøchmann Christensen (drums), Nicklas SØRENSEN (guitars, keyboards) and Christian Becher Clausen (bass, keyboards), moved over to Stickman Records in 2017 and have opened a new chapter in their discography.

Their sound is big and mighty for a three-piece; shimmering guitars, foundational bass, and massive drums all accentuated with keys when needed, Papir open us up to vast sonic landscapes. Stundum, their debut for El Paraiso Records in 2011(ten years ago!) is a shining achievement of psychedelia, post-rock, and ambient swirls that to this day is one of my favorite albums of the 2010s.

Even now, their sound still ranges from the ethereal and cinematic to psych-heavy jams that border on the line between rock and fusion.

Earlier this year the band released Jams, a jam and improv-centric set of tracks that laid heavily into the band’s knack for setting their musical course for the heart of the sun. It was a blistering set of tunes. But now Papir is readying their seventh LP, and fourth with Stickman Records. 7 sees the band laying into their more transcendent, atmospheric side. And to stunning effect.

“7.2” is calming and effervescent like the ocean at dawn. As much as I love hearing Papir engaging their psychedelic tendencies and shaking the earth with fuzzed-out riffage, I feel their superpowers lie within the dulcet tones of atmosphere and engaging with the universe. This track is absolutely gorgeous, locking into some of Stundum‘s better angels. Sørensen keeps things jangly and shimmering, bringing to mind Robin Guthrie, The Edge, and Talk Talk’s Mark Hollis. Christensen and Clausen build a foundation to which the guitar and keys can explore and expand, always having solid footing to land back down on.

Papir are a band I always look forward to hearing from, and from the sound of “7.2” I’d say 7 may be one of their best albums yet.

Watch the video for “7.2” below. ‘7’ drops 1/14/22. Find out more info from Stickman Records here.

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