Slow Dakota Talks “Creation of the World”

Slow Dakota, the musical home of musician and songwriter PJ Sauerteig, has been on quite the musical tear as of late. Starting with last October’s “Suite for Voice and Ukulele”, then the Valentine’s Day confection “Canticle 69”. Last month we were graced with yet another single in the sublime “Gardener in the Rain”. Now, on Easter Sunday, Slow Dakota present to us the gorgeous “Creation of the World”.

I’ve loved hearing the evolution of Slow Dakota’s sound. It’s moved from a folks-y, pastoral world with bits of electronic flourishes to something more widescreen. With “Creation of the World” Sauerteig embraces his inner Sufjan Stevens and gives us a gloriously sublime piece of pop accentuated by trumpet, synth flourishes, and an exquisite bit of background harmonies. Sauerteig sings “I can’t decide if I Write from some Great hole inside / If Christ spoke Mountain Ice all because His Life was flat and dry“.

Slow Dakota has always approached faith and Christianity with respect and a certain amount of awe, but never naively. His point-of-view could be that as one with faith, but with concern regarding the actions of certain members of the congregation of the world at large. His words could also speak as that of a non-believer that holds respect for those that do believe. A general curiosity about ritual and details of the pious.

Regardless, the songs of Slow Dakota are a breath of fresh air. They speak from voices that surround us everyday, and on an air of beauty and stringed, majestic love of life. “Creation of the World” is no different. Come, rejoice.

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