Sex Magick Wizards Drop “Nuit Speaks”; Debut Album To Follow Soon

There must be something in the air in Norway as of recently. First, I’m completely bowled over by last year’s release of Kanaan’s debut album Windborne. Kanaan, a trio from Norway, lay down serious grooves and epic riffs that feel like they’re pulled right from some of the best forward-thinking fusion and progressive rock of the 70s. Now, Sex Magick Wizards are here to keep the Scandinavian music magic(or magick) going into 2019.

Sex Magick Wizards, which consists of Sigrid Aftret, Axel Skalstad, Henrik Sandstad Dalen and Viktor Bomstad, are working on their debut LP, but in the meantime they’ve dropped the riff-heavy “Nuit Speaks”.

The band sight King Crimson, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin and Sabbath as influences; as well as Miles Davis, John Coltrane, and Elephant9 as inspirations for their sound. You can hear a lot of these artists within the riffs and grooves here, but what this young band does is make something wholly unique. From the Hendrix tone of that dirty Strat, to the upright bass and the guitar/saxophone phrasings throughout the song’s run time. There’s the looseness of late-60s classic rock mixed with the exact and meticulous lines of fusion, as well as the angular riffage you might hear coming from Red-era Crimson. The rhythm section lays down a solid jazz-infused foundation which allows the otherworldly vibes coming from the guitar/saxophone interplay.

Keep an eye out for Sex Magick Wizards, and check out “Nuit Speaks” below. It’s currently streaming on all major streaming services.

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