Mac Demarco’s “Nobody”

Mac Demarco has gone from this strange Canadian that made woozy, lo-fi rock music that could’ve been playing in Henry Lee Lucas’ pick up truck to something different. He’s now playing on my teenage daughter’s iPhone while she’s in the bathroom doing her hair for school.

I think Demarco is still kind of strange, but the strangeness has been dialed down and the soft rock crooner has been dialed up. Ever since his 2012 album 2, Mac Demarco has shown he’s adept at writing catchy and kind-of endearing tracks that might’ve been playing on some transistor radio in an alternate 1970s. His songs then were these quick snapshots of living on the fringe; smoking at one in the morning at the kitchen table with a couple empty bottles of Robitussin next to you. Quirky pop tracks with darker undertones. But Salad Days and then This Old Dog saw his sound refined and brought into sharper focus, and his lyrics became more vague in mischief and seediness. They almost became endearing.

On May 10th Mac Demarco releases his 5th full-length record called Here Comes The Cowboy. According to Demarco, this is his “cowboy record”. The first single, the low key and easy going “Nobody” does have a bit of a moseying quality. It shows Mac Demarco in microscopic detail, his vocals crisp and clear almost whispering the words right into our ears. Subtle staccato guitar, wavering synth line(or maybe muted horns?), and tight drums accompany Demarco as he sings “I’m a preacher, A done decision, Another creature, Who’s lost its vision“.

Mac Demarco has turned from this creepy dude from the north singing songs on broken equipment and urinating on stage to a respectable artist writing pretty great pop albums(he may still urinate on stage.) Fortunately, that creepy aspect will never completely leave. There’ll always be a little shadowy part to Mac Demarco that keeps him a little untouchable. A little unknown.

Here Comes The Cowboy comes out May 10th on Mac’s Record Label

Editor’s Note: For further examples of Mac Demarco fun, google “Mitski and Mac Demarco”. Coincidence or trolling? You decide. 

6 thoughts on “Mac Demarco’s “Nobody”

    1. I was definitely in your camp for a long time. I did come around to him, maybe at Salad Days. Not a fan of people being gross to get a rise, so there’s still aspects I don’t care for about Demarco, but I have grown to like his music. This Old Dog is a genuinely good pop album.

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  1. I’ll check this one out, cause, well, the track is pretty good, ain’t it?

    I tell you what though, all that Mitski / Mac stuff is why I don’t venture to Twitter often. “How very dare he!!” So much outrage!

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