Metavari Returns On RSD 2019 With ‘Absurda’

Nate Utesch has slowly built this majestic musical world over the course of the past 10+ years in Metavari. What began as a full blown group with guys spread across darkened stages creating dreamy post-rock-ish sonic landscapes with films projected behind them has turned into what it was meant to be from the beginning: Nate Utesch and his endless imagination.

I feel very comfortable in saying that Nate is gearing up to be one of the great electronic composers of yours, mine, or any generation. He seems to pull sounds and moods together so uniquely that there’s not this definitive main line that leads back to cats like Froese, Schulze, Eno, or Vangelis. I’m sure Nate Utesch was influenced and inspired by these and many other artists, but his own unique take on writing and swirling together these sonic worlds stands out far more than his love for the Sorcerer score, or Eno’s Music For Films. It could be that his music is filled with movement. Not movements per say, but movement.

I think of David Byrne’s The Catherine Wheel, which was a musical score Byrne was commissioned to create by choreographer Twyla Tharp in 1981. That piece had Byrne’s DNA, yet it was a very different beast. It was created to move to and to engulf dancers on a stage. I feel that Nate creates in Metavari in the same manner. His music moves you both physically, as well as emotionally.

Okay, enough of this blathering. Why are were here on a Saturday morning? Well, on Record Store Day 2019(April 13) Metavari drop album number four titled Absurda: Music Reimagined in the Short Films of David Lynch. It sees Nate Utesch re-scoring 10 of the iconic film auteurs short films, which range from his days as a film student clear to more contemporary works. All of the tracks will be synced to the short films and will eventually be available on Youtube(there will also be instructions with the vinyl on where to drop the needle on the wax for you DIY record heads.)

Here’s what Light In The Attic has to say about the album:

‘ABSURDA’ plays through as thoughtfully as the rest of Metavari’s synth-heavy catalog, but there’s an evolution here that explores a deeper level of experimentation. It is a chaotic collage of sound, rhythm, and melody; weaving through both harmonious passages and abrasive acousmatic sound. An almost “plunderphonic” execution of MIDI sequencing and percussion utilizing PCM synths and foley samples. It’s clear that Metavari has found himself on a new path as he carves his niche in electronic music.

I have heard this record, and it is by far Nate’s best work. That’s saying a hell of a lot, given that this is the same person that re-imagined Metropolis a couple years ago with astonishing results. Absurda sounds inspired, wild, at times unhinged, and wholly original.

Absurda truly feels like a next level work for Metavari.

I will be talking to Nate Utesch very soon about Absurda and that conversation will be posted here closer to RSD. In the meantime, check out album track “The Alphabet” below and make sure to let your local brick and mortar record store know you want Absurda waiting for you Saturday morning April 13th at their shop.

What do you think? Let me know

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