Slow Dakota Drops New Single “Gardener In Rain”

Just last month the lovely Slow Dakota(aka PJ Sauerteig) dropped the Valentine’s Day surprise “Canticle 69”. “Canticle 69” is an ode to our dying interest in the flesh, leaving our carnal knowledge up to more digital and fantastical realms. It’s a beautifully constructed bit of musical wonder(and far less calories than a heart-shaped box of confections.)

So as not to let those musical muscles get atrophied and the creative juices dry up Slow Dakota jumped back into it and has given us a new single. “Gardener In Rain” will make your Friday that much better.

There’s a heavy pop lean on this new Slow Dakota song. A sly, hip hop beat carries a bright piano line that brings to mind both Grizzly Bear and even Valotte-era Julian Lennon. There’s a real 80s feel with this track, including some very tasteful saxophone courtesy of Eli Aleinikoff. Backing vocals by Jami Belushi(daughter of Jim Belushi) add an air of elegance to the proceedings. It’s a delicious bit of musical nourishment.

PJ Sauerteig always gives us an interesting narrative to follow as well. Here he uses the metaphor of a gardener tending to his or her duties, even though they know the job may never be done right. They do it anyways, as it’s what they love and what they know. “A gardener knows / He can’t kill / Every weed / Even still / Every day / In dappled rain / He puts his gloves on / And grabs his spade“. Sauerteig turns the idea around on himself as an artist, singing “And so it is / With my music / I know it’s dense!/I know it’s toothless! / But it soothes / It lets the light in / And for a while / I can wear the absent-minded crown of purpose”. 

As a creator of art, we may not be making the Mona Lisa or Beethoven’s 9th Symphony, but what we are creating has merit and purpose, if even for just ourselves.

Listen to “Gardner In Rain” below, and then head over to Slow Dakota’s Bandcamp page and download PJ Sauerteig’s lovely new track.

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