Holodeck Records Readies Virgin Pool Debut EP ‘Endless Evenings’; Listen To “Keeping Still”

Virgin Pool is the name musician/songwriter Christine Aprile goes by when writing spectral, acoustic pop songs. There’s something very majestic, spiritual even, about the songs she writes. There’s a mixture of both the synthetic and the organic in her work that makes for quite the engaging listen. Artists as diverse as Colleen, Annie Clark, Wye Oak, and even Kate Bush come to mind while hearing the ghostly, cavernous layers in her songs.

On April 19th, 2019 Holodeck Records will release Virgin Pool’s debut EP titled Endless Evenings. While Endless Evenings is Virgin Pool’s first album release with Holodeck, it’s not her first release with the forward-thinking record label. Virgin Pool released the dreamy and heartbreaking track “Cloak & Dagger”on the compilation album Holodeck Vision One, which came out last year. It was a promising glimpse at what Virgin Pool could do within the confines of a four-minute track.

Aprile is no stranger to the electronic world, as she was intertwined with the Austin music scene that gave us artists such as S U R V I V E, Pure X, Sleep∞Over, BOAN and Troller. Aprile even fronted the synth-pop duo Silent Diane before moving to Los Angeles and reconnecting to her acoustic roots(Aprile grew up in suburban Indianapolis, Indiana where she was raised in a very musical household, training in classical guitar and singing at an early age.)

Endless Evenings opens with the exquisite and celestial “Keeping Still”. Aprile’s voice rings longingly over beautifully plucked acoustic guitar. It has the emotional heft of Kate Bush and at times even brings to mind Sufjan Stevens. It’s a distant similarity, but “Keeping Still” carries with it an urgency and the viscerally emotional heft that Sufjan’s heavy-hearted Carrie & Lowell possessed. Christine Aprile builds subtle but dramatic peaks and valleys that carry you throughout the song. “Keeping Still” feels and sounds like an emotional awakening.

Watch the video for “Keeping Still”, as well as “The Wanderer” below. Preorder Endless Evenings, either in digital format or limited edition Ferric cassette, here.


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