Steve Greene To Release ‘Distant Transmissions – Kona, Hawaii’ On March 15; Listen to “Through The Gateway”

Good news Steve Greene fans, new music is on the way. A year ago Greene released his excellent solo debut titled Electronic Dreams for a Holographic Existence, which was a heavy synth fan’s dream. Filled with sci-fi brooding and dense, analog goodness, that record made many top ten lists this past December. While Steve Greene is hard at work on finishing up a new Voyag3r long player, he’s started a new series of mini-albums called Distant Transmissions. First up, Distant Transmissions – Kona, Hawaii.

According to Battle Chamber’s press release,

What makes the Distant Transmissions album, which will be an on going series for Steve Greene, different is that it is not a traditional studio album. Distant Transmissions executes a specific discipline not only in the writing process, but also in the recording process.

Greene travels to a remote location and sets up a minimal synth and recording rig. In the case of the Kona, Hawaii sessions, 2 small synthesizers (Arturia MicroBrure and Dave Smith Instruments Tetra) one delay pedal (Earthquaker Devices Afterneath), a handheld digital recorder for open air recording and a D.A.W. No pre-planning or writing is done ahead of time, Greene specifically uses the unique and exotic environment to inspire the composition(s).

They had me at “ongoing series”. Seriously, Steve Greene is one of the best working in the heavy synth/electronic/soundtrack world. I absolutely love the idea of an artist limiting themselves to the bare essentials and letting their immediate surroundings dictate the creative process. No preconceived notions going in, just pure creativity thru immediate inspiration.

I think Distant Transmissions is something to get excited about, and Distant Transmissions – Kona, Hawaii is our first taste of this new series.

Distant Transmissions – Kona, Hawaii comes out March 15, 2019 via Battle Chamber Music on cassette and digital. Vinyl will follow later this year courtesy of Bellyache Records. Check out the first single “Through The Gateway” below and get excited.

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