Cory Kilduff’s ‘When it All Gets to be Too Much’ Out Friday; Watch Video For “Chestnut Hills”

If you grew up in the 80s, then Molly Ringwald is an actress that made an impression on you. Watching films like Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club, Pretty In Pink, as well as The Pick up Artist, Fresh Horses, and For Keeps always lent a feeling of longing to my teenage brain. There was always a point in one of those films where Ringwald had an absolute moment of heartbreak. Where the whole world was crumbling down on her pretty shoulders and it seemed that nothing was going to make it better. I wanted to make it better for her, but I was merely an onlooker in a theater(plus, I would’ve been the Anthony Michael Hall character in a Ringlwald flick. I’d never have a chance at winning her heart.)

Another person affected by the heartbreak of Molly Ringwald is Dallas-based musician Cory Kilduff. Cory has written his Burning Witches Records debut around the scenes in Ringwald films where life couldn’t get any heavier for the red-headed beauty. When it All Gets to be Too Much is an 80s-heavy synth trip of longing and melancholy. Musical pieces inspired by the yearning of the teenage heart, and the downfalls of growing up.

Cory Kilduff popped onto my radar via Burning Witches Records RSD2018 comp Communion. Kilduff’s “LV426” was part of that amazing collection of artists, and a piece of his own re-scoring of Ridley Scott’s Alien. We talked a bit about that last year, which you can read right here.

When it All Gets to be Too Much comes out Friday morning via Burning Witches Records. I will be posting a review of the album(spoiler, this album is amazing), as well as a conversation I had with Cory about the making of the record and the influences that went into the album. Until then, check out this great video for album track “Chestnut Hills” that just dropped today. More on Cory to come, so stay tuned.

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