Grivo Goes Dark On Dreamy “Burnout”

Grivo seem to be channeling something quite dark and alluring on their new single “Burnout”. Grivo, which consists of brothers Timothy and Matthew Heck, as well as Ricardo Tejeda, had its beginnings in the Midwest as the brothers Heck came from Michigan before settling in Austin back in 2015. Michigan is a state that possesses both an undeniable beauty and tragic desolation, and Grivo’s music reflects both beauty and desolation. In it you can hear the brittle melancholy of Cocteau Twins, as well as the influence they had on bands like Slowdive, The Cure, and even Deftones to a degree. Vocals are breathy and nearly whispered, as if lips are mere inches from your ear. Guitars, drums, and bass intertwine like vines making their way up a dilapidated brick fence. Behind that fence hides a monstrous, decaying estate that used to be a thing of architectural and residential beauty just outside a town like Benton Harbor or Grand Rapids.

“Burnout” is a slow grind of a track. Building over nearly six minutes, Grivo take their time weaving a delicate, dreamy song out of slowcore drums and gauzy guitars. The vocals drip with a longing; a declaration of lost love or a love only imagined within the track’s protagonist’s mind. There’s a thru-line between melancholy and madness here, with the song building to a heavy, darkgaze conclusion. Even at six minutes, it’s as if the song could go on forever, enveloping you in a cacophonous swirl of noise and beauty.

Grivo will satisfy your shoegaze, darkgaze, and dream pop musical fantasies, and then some. Fans of early 4AD, Sire, and Rough Trade Records will find much to love and get lost in here.

Grivo’s debut full-length Elude comes out November 16th, 2018 via Holodeck Records. Preorder the digital, 180 gram vinyl, or cassette version over at Holodeck Records’ Bandcamp page. And check out the video for “Burnout” below, directed by Essentials Creative.

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