Track Premiere: Listen To Omni Gardens’ Transcendant “The Physical Plane, The Astral Plane”

Steve Rosborough is all about expanding the mind through music. His love for ambient, psych, and forward-thinking electronic pushed him to start his own record label back in 2009 called Moon Glyph. You only need to peruse those artists for a moment to realize Rosborough’s passion for sounds that work to heal our ever-breaking spiritual and psychic conditions. But not only is Steve Rosborough a passionate pusher of soul-healing experimental music, he is a music creator as well, putting out albums under the name Soothsayer.

Recently Rosborough started a new project called Omni Gardens. He’s releasing his debut album with Holodeck Records on September 28th called West Coast Escapism. Last month Omni Gardens released the excellent lead single and video for “Thinking”, and now second single “The Physical Plane, The Astral Plane” has dropped.

According to Holodeck Records:

Omni Gardens was established in 2017 with the intention of maintaining an atmosphere of heightened cognition through sound design, methodically pacing every move to evolve intrinsically. Speed and rhythm are implied rather than explicit, encouraging the audience to feel the compositional cycles and engage in an equally active and passive listen. Rosborough has auspiciously created a tranquil reprieve from the traditional bonds of music while crafting a pointedly sonic experience.

Like with first single “Thinking”, “The Physical Plane, The Astral Plane” reaches deep within to pull some of that inner light outward. Rosborough has a deft touch with synthesizers so as not to overdo it, but still gives the listener the feeling of leaving this plane, even for just the song’s length, and transcend the problems and everyday hustle for some higher enlightenment.

I know, you’re thinking can a song really do that? Hit play below and find out. And make sure to preorder Omni Gardens’ West Coast Escapism right here. It comes out via Holodeck Records September 28th.

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