Song Premiere : Listen to Softaware’s Ecstatic “Soft Monster”

Colin Nance has a dark side. You can hear it in the work he puts into music project Harglow with Eric Gorman. There, he toys with industrial-tinged electronic music with bits of the occult and Gothic underpinnings thrown in to great effect(check out “Candle Wax” here for further proof.) But with Softaware, Nance keeps things lighter. There’s pop elements mixed with hazier electronic, more in line with Ulrich Schnauss, Manual, and some cool, underappreciated 80s electronic outfit you happen to come by at a record shop in Soho.

Back in July Softaware dropped new single “Shapeshifter”. It was a glorious bit of electro pop that was fully created by Nance. Colin has just dropped another new single called “Soft Monster” and its every bit a worthy successor to “Shapeshifter”, with more emphasis on groove and dance floor intent.

“Soft Monster” pulls no punches in its admiration for mid-to-late 80s electro pop radio. I can’t help but be reminded a little of Roxette’s “She’s Got The Look”, but with a bit more darkness lurking in the lyrics. But make no qualms about it, this is a glorious pop track that will put a little more pep in your step during that afternoon walk or late night cruise. Nance put together a track that pops and indulges our desire to just let go and give into the groove. It’s an exquisite and deceptively dark bit of dance floor abandon.

Check out the track below, and check out “Shapeshifter” over at Software’s Bandcamp page.

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