Mythic Sunship Return With ‘Another Shape of Psychedelic Music’; Share “Elevation”

Earlier this year the Danish quartet Mythic Sunship released their third LP for El Paraiso Records, titled Upheaval. Upheaval is still one of my favorite albums from 2018, and a juggernaut of raw, pummeling improvisational riffing. Now if you’d been keeping track, this is the young-ish Danish band’s third album since 2016. They debuted with the striking Ouroboros. 2017 saw the excellent Land Between Rivers, which was a continuation of the blunt riffage we’d heard the year before but with added experience and a harder focus on dynamics. And with Upheaval earlier this year, Mythic Sunship found transcendance in the storm of volume and Sabbath-ian metal they seemed to summon from some far off astral plane.

Well Mythic Sunship seem to be in a mad cycle of creativity as they will be releasing their fourth LP on October 5th. And not just any LP, but a mammoth double album called Another Shape of Psychedelic Music. Sort of a take on those classic 60s modal and free form jazz records from the likes of Coltrane, Coleman, and Andrew Hill, Another Shape of Psychedelic Music will surely be a massive, mind-expanding trip into the far reaches of noise, metal, and free form psych that will melt brains and expand consciousness as it blows your speakers.

The album was recorded with Jonas Munk at his home studio, where Munk accompanied the band on guitar on some of the tracks. They’re also joined by saxophonist Søren Skov. According to the El Paraiso Records:

On this 2xLP set, recorded and mixed in the studio of Causa Sui’s Jonas Munk, the band goes even further and lets saxophone burn into the mix. It’s a wildfire of ideas that travel far on a smoky haze of cosmic krautrock, stoner, doom, heavy psych, modal jazz and even drifts into afrobeat! Jonas Munk joins these live sessions on guitar on a few tracks as well, making up a screaming cacophony of 3 guitars, bass, drums and saxophone.

Ahead of the October 5th release the band have unleashed lead single “Elevation”. It’s a flurry of massive guitar riffs, pummeling drums, and Skov’s excellent saxophone attack. Imagine Black Sabbath, Hawkwind and John Coltrane all on a stage in some alternate reality 1970 freaking the hell out and it would most certainly sound like “Elevation”. This track is a high watermark in bruising riffage and free form music.

Master of Reality meets Interstellar Space. 

Check out “Elevation” below, and preorder Another Shape of Psychedelic Music over at El Paraiso Records. October 5th will be here before you know it kids, so act fast. Only 500 copies of this beauty will be available.

2 thoughts on “Mythic Sunship Return With ‘Another Shape of Psychedelic Music’; Share “Elevation”

  1. I’m really excited about this one. I reckon they’ve been evolving and finding their stride with each release and, like you, I rate Upheaval as one of my favourites of the year… I can’t wait to hear more of what they do here.

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