Single Lash Make All Your Dreams “Come True” On New Single

Photo by Melissa Cha

I think it’s safe to say that at this point the term “shoegaze” has been overused, oversimplified, and turned into a bygone descriptor of artists that don’t fit nicely into a “rock” category. It’s a term we slap onto a band when there’s an element of dreaminess and a mildly hallucinogenic quality to their songs. Walls of noise are raised up as guitar swirls and spins in a distorted canvas of delay and fuzz, while the bass and drums remain a buoy to hold onto in this sea of self-destruction. The vocals are calming but distorted in a gust of reverb and echo which puts a ghostly emotional distance between the music and the meaning. As ethereal as the song sounds, it’s always based in a real human truth; be it love, pain, anger, desperation, or disillusionment with what we call life. Bands as diverse as Chapterhouse, Medicine, Lush, Ride, My Bloody Valentine, Half String, Slowdive, Jesus and Mary Chain, Cocteau Twins, and Blonde Redhead have been tagged as shoegaze, many much to their chagrin. I guess that’s the breaks, though. People need to throw you in a category or they don’t know what to do with you.

So shoegaze it is.

A band that could be put into the “shoegaze” section of your local record shop nowadays is Austin’s Single Lash. The Texas-based four-piece bask in the deepest of waters, like a night swim in a gravel pit where the depths are unknown. Shades of Faith-era Cure and the humid beauty of Cocteau Twins swirl with singer/guitarist Nicolas Nadeau’s elegant tenor to give their overall sonic world a sense of dark elegance.

Single Lash are readying their new album called Providence which comes out October 26th, 2018 on Holodeck Records. Lead single “Come True” is a dizzying and beautiful wall of noise and melancholy. For the record Single Lash got some in-studio help from fellow Texan and current New Orleans resident Justin Sweatt(Xander Harris) on bass and keys. The results, if “Come True” is an indicator, will be most stunning.

Check out “Come True” below, and preorder the vinyl, cassette, or digital version of Providence here.

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