Unsettling & Alluring : Die Hexen’s “MARS”

Photos by Adrian Knight

Die Hexen seems to be an all-encompassing entity. Gender neutral and described as an award winning composer, filmmaker, sound designer, vocalist, musician, visual and performance artist, Die Hexen runs the gamut when it comes to creativity. And darkness seems to be where the creativity is coaxed from in the world of Die Hexen. Live, performances are a mixture of dark arts, alluring beauty, and Greek tragedy all rolled into some sensuous, Gothic fever dream. Theatrics and dramatic visuals combine with visceral music to create an experience unlike you’ve had before.

This Friday, August 17th Die Hexen releases its debut with Burning Witches Records. The Garden Of Unearthly Delights is sure to live up to the promise of their visual flair, and with lead single “MARS” as our introduction to the LP, I’d say we’ve got one hell of a journey ahead of us.

It’s really kind of hard to describe “MARS”. Imagine if Bauhaus and Fabio Frizzi made a musical accompaniment for a march into Hell and maybe you might understand what’s going on here. There’s an array of noise; from electronic buzzing to Gothic synths to what sounds like brass and an undercurrent of symphonic doom. Darkwave, ambient, modern classical, and old school horror scores all come together to create a visceral noise. It’s like Lucifer Rising and City of the Living Dead blew up in head of Karlheinz Stockhausen. The song feels like a gradual build up to something nightmarish. It’s a stunning listen.

Check out “MARS” below, and make sure to order a copy of The Garden Of Unearthly Delights this Friday, August 17th, over at Burning Witches Records website.

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