Samantha Glass And Their “Cruel Anxiety”

Listening to Samantha Glass’ “Cruel Anxiety” you get the feeling of being overwhelmed. It’s a calming, pressured forward motion of dark synths, electronic percussion, and a sultry baritone that lulls you into a smokey spiderweb of Gothic doom. There’s a push-pull of denying the urge to give into that penetrating pulse or just saying the hell with it and jumping head first into Glass’ shadowy realm.

Give in.

On October 12th Samantha Glass will unleash their newest long player Nine Memories Between Impression and Imprint with Holodeck Records. If “Cruel Anxiety” is any indication this record will be rife with emotional turmoil and dark tendencies. Glass, aka Beau Devereaux, builds lush, echo-laden musical landscapes that reminisce times when albums like In the Flat Field, Pornography, and Kaleidoscope were new, dangerous, and shining a touch of light in the darker corners.

A little about Samantha Glass:

Since 2010, Beau Devereaux has chronicled their romantic and turbulent process of self-identification as Samantha Glass through the use of electronics, field recordings and a seductive, baritone voice. Abstract soundscapes rise and fall around addictively brooding ballads and introspective monologues as Glass deconstructs themself beneath the weight of their poetry and lyrics.

Devereaux came from rural beginnings in the countryside of Wisconsin before spending most of their adult life engrossed in Madison’s noise, power violence and punk DIY scenes. They sought to create a balanced form of art representative of their ever fluid sexuality and gender identity while incorporating elements of dark wave, musique concrète and New Age music. Samantha Glass evolved into an outlet for drag-based performance art coupled with drum machines, cassette loops and down-tempo crooning.

Nine Memories Between Impression and Imprint arrives October 12, 2018 via Holodeck Records. Preorder the cassette, vinyl, or digital here. Check out the mesmerizing video for “Cruel Anxiety” below.

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