SNDTRK 2 Coming Soon : Listen To Pye Corner Audio’s “Slime Wave”

For me, the SNDTRK compilation from Disco Cinematic Records back in 2016 was a bit of a revelation. I came for Slasher Film Festival Strategy and stayed for everyone else. That album opened my eyes to artists like Wolfmen of Mars, Xander Harris, Repeated Viewing, Vi-Res, The Slow Engineer and so many more. It was such a well put together comp and it flowed beautifully from start to finish. It did feel like some lost soundtrack from a bygone era of VHS slasher films and midnight sci-fi horror on the late show. I liked it so much I talked about it ad nauseum here.

Work on SNDTRK 2 had begun back in early 2017, with artists contributing songs back then for the compilation sequel. Of course nothing happens quite the way you want it to, so it’s been a year of getting things figured out since then. According to Disco Cinematic Records:

I have been trying to produce this record since early/mid ‘17. It was looking promising until the financial investor withdrew his funding in order to fund another project. This was after I had approached artists who had composed pieces exclusively for SNDTRK2. Determined to not let the artists down, I have been looking for a way to make S2 happen. I don’t give in to failure easily. Fast forward to now, we are almost ready to send to the pressing plant.

“Who’s on this?”, you might be asking yourself. Well, names like Pye Corner Audio, Timothy Fife, Slasher Film Festival Strategy and Xander Harris for starters. This record is even bigger than the first. Some amazing artists have contributed for this second round of imagined soundtrack goodness, as that short list above is proof of. More names will be announced in a few weeks.

It’s going to be an amazing album. There will be preorder information up soon. Until then, check out the premiere of Pye Corner Audio’s “Slime Wave” from the SNDTRK 2 Compilation, coming soon from Disco Cinematic Records.

Stay tuned.

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