Latest Obsession : Vi-Res’ “Pulse”

Over the last couple of years I’ve dabbled in the dense, gauzy sounds of Vi-Res. Vi-Res is a heavy synth musical project based out of Australia. I first heard his work on the first SNDTRK album, a Disco Cinematic Records-curated compilation with some absolutely amazing artists(like Xander Harris, Wolfmen of Mars, Slasher Film Festival Strategy, and Repeated Viewing) coming together to create the vibe of an old school horror/sci fi score. Vi-Res hangs in the darker corners of heavy synth. Think Phaedra-era Tangerine Dream with a bit of Timothy Fife’s more modern touches. This isn’t synthwave, guys. This is seriously heady, dense, and analog-driven music to trance out to.

A couple of weeks ago Vi-Res dropped a couple new tracks, “Staple” and “Pulse”. Both have been getting heavy rotation in my brain, but “Pulse” has been hitting the right Berlin School/Kosmische spot lately.

Starting out with circuit-driven growls and menacing mood, it quickly gains momentum with a Krautrock synth groove as the song builds upon itself. Whooshes of noise fly by your ears as the song moves along like an ancient beast woken up from a centuries-old sleep.

At times it comes across as dark ambient; like some of those acid-burnt Froese explorations that took place in ancient Germanic churches(ones that were still standing in 1972.) But throughout the nearly 12 minute run time the song morphs into something more post-counterculture Berlin and heads to mightier and headier heights.

Vi-Res is a bit of a mystery. I can’t find much information on this musical project. It seems to have appeared from the wilds of Australia, fully formed and eager to share with the world a musical landscape filled with dark atmosphere and sci-fi-leaning sounds. I think not knowing adds an air of mystery to the whole thing, really.

What’s not a mystery is that “Pulse” is a damn good and epic track. Give it a listen and see for yourself.

Interested in what went into making “Pulse”? Check out the list below:

Juno 60 
Logic Pro X 
Mooer Ana Echo 
Nux Tape Core 
Focusrite Saffire DSP

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