Oneohtrix Point Never Drop “Black Snow” Video

June can’t get here soon enough, guys. Seriously, I’m giddy like a kid waiting for Christmas morning to arrive. OPNs Age Of will be released onto the world, which is the first studio LP from Daniel Lopatin’s long-running musical identity since 2015s Garden of Delete(that’s not counting his excellent Good Time S/T.) I’ve been anxiously awaiting a single to be released ahead of the album release and it is finally here, complete with weird video(no Val Kilmer this time, unfortunately.)

“Black Snow” is a slow burn track, complete with distant auto-tuned vocals by ANOHNI. It’s a great song that builds into a classic OPM crescendo. The video was directed by Lopatin himself, and in typical fashion of the always evolving artist there’s a lot of metaphorical stuff happening. A HAZMAT-suited figured disrobes to show a demon/Satan himself underneath. He sports a red and white cowboy suit and dons a cowboy hat, with shots of barrels and what looks like oil slicks. There’s demon ladies dancing and fences and computers and junk lying all around. There’s definitely some environmental theme here. The track is great and the video is interesting.

I love seeing the evolution of Daniel Lopatin and Oneohtrix Point Never. Each time out he blows my mind. If “Black Snow” is any indication, Age Of will continue that trend.

Check out the video below.

7 thoughts on “Oneohtrix Point Never Drop “Black Snow” Video

      1. Was just thinking more about that (because it’s Sunday morning and my brain is weird)… imagine committing a lifetime of sins just to ensure you go to the Hell you believe in because they have great benefits. There’s a short story in that. Copyright to me if someone writes it and gets rich!

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