Flyover State Of Mind

So you guys fans of podcasts? Oh yeah? So am I! I love having someone’s voice in my head besides the one that tells me to order records online and drink one more beer. That voice usually fools me into thinking those are good ideas. At least with a podcast I can get lost in someone else’s thoughts for a bit. Hear an interesting interview, story, or just hear a perspective on things I may not have been familiar with before.

Well a good friend of mine asked me if I’d ever consider doing a podcast. At first I thought that the idea was appealing, but that trying to get people to come down in my basement and chat it up for an hour would be daunting. And worse yet, the idea of sitting downstairs and talking into a microphone by myself seemed even sadder. So I suggested to my friend we should try and make a podcast together. What have we got to lose? Our dignity? Shit, we lost that years ago. Besides, at this point in life we could care a less how foolish we look to people(we really do care…I lied.)

So last Saturday my friend Jason came over to the house and we headed down to the studio and talked into a couple mics for a bit. The result is here, our first ever episode of our podcast, Flyover State. It’s two middle aged dudes talking about whatever comes to mind. Subjects may include weird dreams, favorite albums, aliens, Bigfoot, favorite war films, Kurt Vonnegut, Humanism, David Cronenberg, high school trauma, and so much more.

Jason and I usually have some sort of epic conversation every time we get together, so we figured why not just record these conversations and share them with the world? We’ve got nothing better to do on a Sunday morning.

So click that link above and head over to Flyover State’s blog page and hit play. Here us chat it up. And hey, share some of your weird dreams with us. That’s our next topic of discussion. Email us at We’d love to hear from you.

We’ll be back to our regularly scheduled program tomorrow. 

8 thoughts on “Flyover State Of Mind

  1. I like it’ but your’ going to need to spice it up with a Female sidekick doing cameos’ someone fun from the Pool or Dart team from the pub’ keep it legal, keep it family hour unless you state this podcast may have adult content. That’s the keep it legal part. Or talk about some really crazy events, like my Zombie Apocalyptic Pharmaceutical Drug reaction. My urologist gives me a sulfur Drug antibiotic for prostate pain. The Good news the pain went right away, the bad news is I literally started losing flesh and had to hide in the house for three weeks to avoid AR -15 Head Shots to the cranium for being mistaken for a Zombie. (This really happened to me).

    ‘Now that’s Interesting.

    ‘You may also need to do weekly (podcast) show ‘Grab Bags’ “What’s in my Bag” where you bring into every podcast one of an old or new Music Albums with a brief Review of your selected music artist or Lb. or Sci -Fi movie or cult classic. Also, talk chocolate and cake, it keeps the Ladies and the sugar ants interested.

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    1. I plan on sharing new music on the show as well. Going to spin some vinyl of some tunes I’m digging and want other to dig as well. As for the female sidekick, I could possibly speak in a higher voice?

      Thanks for checking the show out. Hopefully the next one will be even better. We’re doing “Weird Dreams” next, and man I’d love for you to send me one of your weird dreams. We’ll share it. Send it to


  2. Magic. I’ll head on over there and give that a listen (though I will say that I tend to fall off podcasts quite quickly… even those involving Seagalogy). Best of luck with it… though I guess it’s all about enjoying a chat with a good pal and some good tunes. Who needs luck, right?

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    1. I think as long as we dig drinking coffee and chatting about whatever is on your mind, then that’s all I can ask for. 2 or 2,000 listens, as long as we’re having fun. And thank you sir!

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