The Snarks : It’s Like…Carpe YOLO, Man

The spirit of punk is alive and well. It spits and swings, spins and flails and breathes fire on The Snarks new EP, It’s Like…Carpesnarks YOLO, Man. Last year’s Night At Crystal Beach was a rallying cry from the Fort Wayne-based Snarks; a mix of post-punk angst, surf rock dreaming, and fractured pop jangle. There was no denying the infectious swagger that was contained on that EP. If you weren’t a convert to The Snarks before, prepare to be.

“Toothache” opens with the sound of someone saying “Roll it”, then the band break into a swirl of punk rock bravado. “Counterfeit” doesn’t let up, with Kendra J spitting each word through the speakers with just the right amount of attitude and indignation. “Space Cases” is a dreamy track, and epic in length in comparison the the first two tracks under two minute time stamps. Kendra Johnson, Bart Helms, Zachary Evan Kershner, Dan Kinnaley, and Dan Arnos pull off introspective just as well as they can aggressive. “Drone” sounds like the love child of The Damned, Love, and Dick Dale. A whole mess of surf rock, jangle, and a middle finger to the establishment. “Make It Stop” is an explosion of hardcore speed and Johnson’s innate ability to push ten tons of anger down your earholes while you give yourself whiplash as it happens. It’s the ultimate punk rock statement on an EP that’s filled with ’em.

The Snarks waste no time. There’s no dead air in between these 5 songs and the very tight 12 or so minutes this EP inhabits. Recorded and mixed directly to tape at Jason Davis’ Off The Cuff Sound in Fort Wayne, It’s Like…Carpe YOLO, Man is yet another shining example of the quality bands that are coming out of the Midwest, and Fort Wayne in-particular. If hardcore, post-punk, jangle pop, and even bits of late-60s surf rock peak your interest, then grab a copy of It’s Like…Carpe Yolo, Man at its CD release show on February 6th at The Brass Rail. Check out The Snarks playing these tunes live, along with special guests Heaven’s Gateway Drugs. You can also order one here.

8.2 out of 10

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