Friday Zen : The Chickening

It’s Friday, so we should celebrate.


Oh, I don’t know. Maybe a nice heavy stout poured into a pint glass, your favorite slippers hugging your feet, and a record on the turntable?

Sure, that sounds nice.

Maybe a pizza in the oven and cue up something on the old telly perhaps? Maybe a Netflix feature, or binge watch Andy Griffith while under the influence of LSD?

Hey, you might be onto something. But I’m fresh out of LSD.

Hmm, then perhaps put on a ski mask and chase the kids around the house with a butcher knife while screaming “YOU TOUCHED MY BOYD’S BEARS!! YOU VIOLATED MY TRUST!! YOU WILL PAY!!”

Nah. We did that last weekend.

Okay. Then this Friday should be a little different. This Friday should be enjoyed with a different kind of weird. This Friday should be enjoyed with The Chickening.


The Chickening.


The Chickening.


Shut up. Let me explain. Imagine The Shining directed by Tim and Eric on Nitrous Oxide. Imagine Stephen King’s The Shining reimagined as some twisted chicken commercial, and the little boy Danny having the voice of a street-wise mook from Brooklyn, pencil-thin mustache and all. Imagine…

You know what? You can’t even begin to imagine The Chickening. You just need to watch it. This is your Friday Zen. Please enjoy, and have a great weekend.

<p><a href=”″>THE CHICKENING</a> from <a href=””>Nick DenBoer</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>


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