Jon Kennedy’s Corporeal Remixed Part 2 Coming Soon

If you’re privy to these pages then you’ll know who Jon Kennedy is. If you’re not, then check out this interview I did with him just last week here and get back to me. No, just wait. Listen to what I’ve have to say, then you can go learn about the man and his music.

On April 6th Jon Kennedy releases Corporeal Remixed Part 2, another collection of great remixes of tunes off of Kennedy’s album Corporeal. The original Corporeal already sounded like a collection of funkified, groove-oriented dance tracks with hints of trip hop, dub, and even old school soul at times. With these tracks going on their second round of the remix treatment things are almost becoming transcendent. Part 2 is skronky and gritty, taking Kennedy’s original intent and taking things further out there.

Here’s what has been officially said about Corporeal Remixed Part 2:

This is the 2nd series of the original LP “Corporeal” remixed. The series has been handed over to some of the best producers in the bass, beats and electronic music scene inc: dbridge, Fila Brazilia, Spikey Tee, Jonny Miller, Marcus Intalex, JFB, Marc Mac(4hero), Young Einstein (Ugly Duckling)

The artwork itself has even been remixed, so to speak. Originally conceived by Beirut based Saeed Slippery Johnson Abu-Jaberr, it has been remixed by Montreal based fjopus7_grfk

Corporeal Remixed Part 2” comes with 2 bonus tracks on general release. The BANDCAMP release has 7 bonus / hidden tracks attached to the purchase 😉 which is exclusive to BANDCAMP..

The bonus tracks are worth the price of admission alone. Killer, spaced-out, psych ambient going on. Sorta like if Can got it on with J Dilla and Flying Lotus was at the board. You get where I’m coming from, right? If you don’t, go do your homework.

Corporeal Remixed Part 2 will be available April 6th, 2015 through iTunes, Amazon, and anywhere else that sells music that matters. You’ll also be able to get it here. Click the link and check out a teaser of the album as well.

Or just hang, have a drink, and hit play right here.

What do you think? Let me know

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