The Lurking Corpses :: Workin For The Devil

the-lurking-corpses-working-for-the-devil-album-coverThe Lurking Corpses have been causing musical havoc for years in the Fort and beyond. They stalk stages like the damned looking for another soul to steal, all the while creating a vile, cursed noise that’s equal parts The Misfits, Iron Maiden, and late night creature features. Their newest evil creation, the demonically righteous Workin For The Devil, doesn’t disappoint.

The Lurking Corpses are just as much a theatrical delight as they are a musical one. Monsters stalking stages and countrysides, but not with axes and chainsaws. Instead their weapons of choice are pointy guitars. “Workin For The Devil” opens this Godforsaken horror metal atrocity with equal parts metal fervor and punk rock anarchy. Something like a cross between Hammer Fillms, Clive Barker, and early Venom. “The Gate” gurgles and spits occult vitriol and howls otherworldly screams that would make King Diamond cower in fear. “The Leech and the Worm” sports some killer(no pun intended) riffing and creepy sound clips. It’s like Glen Danzig fronting Diamond Head. “Tonight” could pass for a single, if Satan’s henchmen could write such a thing. It’s an upbeat song that could even fool the pure at heart to tap their feet to it.

Elsewhere, “Blind Dead Rise”, “She’s Alone Again”, and “Dead F**k” eviscerate earholes and minds with some blistering speed metal and ritualistic damning. “Lady Frankenstein” sounds like The Ramones reanimated for the sake of destroying the world. “You’re Dead” sounds, well, how you’d think it would. “In Hell(I Wait For You)” is almost a love song for the damned, complete with “Palisades Park” organ and some clean guitar in the verses. Of course, this is a love song created by a bunch of monsters who happen to be Satan’s henchmen. It’s a blood-spattered love song. There’s even a “hidden” track in the form of a cover of Slayer’s “Tormentor”. A fitting tribute to Jeff Hanneman.

Workin For The Devil is bloody mayhem and demonic aural delights. It’s Creature Feature for your ears. It’s a ghoulish, putrid good time. Grab a copy before All Hallows Eve.

7.4 out of 10

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