It’s An Honor Just Being Nominated

DSC04410If you come by here once in a while you’d probably know that I dabble in that whole music making racket from time to time. One of the big music projects I was involved with in 2013 was the band Cambodia Highball. The band is myself and my good friend Shane Darin Page. It was really one of the highlights of 2013 for me. One of the most satisfying musical endeavors I’ve been a part of. Mr. Page and myself felt that by the end of it that we’d made one hell of a record. It really was like this musical journey, from start to finish.

Well, when it came time to put it out into the world for everyone to hear it wasn’t some big deal. Hell, we’re just a couple working stiffs that make music when we can. Everything was done by us. Recording, mixing, mastering, artwork, and distribution. I created a Bandcamp page, posted two distinct versions of the album, and I made up some physical copies at home. A nice color inkjet printer with the capability to print on CDs helps. Anyways, we gave out as many copies as we put up for sale. One copy made it to Brooklyn where it was reviewed by a really cool fellow(you can check that review out here.) We also got a really nice feature in Whatzup magazine out of Fort Wayne, IN(it’s located right here.) That was pretty much it. Within two months of releasing this little Saturday afternoon musical “thing”, Mr. Page and I reconvened in my basement studio and began recording album number two. You see, that’s what we do. We sorta work in a way that doesn’t help the cause of spreading the word. We rely on the internet and word-of-mouth to spread the word. We don’t play out. It’s just us. We’d probably need a 5 or 6 piece band to make what happens on album happen live. But really, we’re not about gigs. We’re about creating music that someone can zone out to in their living room. Headphones on, beer in hand, taking a musical trip. That’s what we’re about. There’s plenty of other bands out there that make playing live their bread and butter, and my hat’s off to them. That’s just not me. Not now, at 40 years old. I enjoy going to a show now and then, but gigging; setting up, tearing down, bars, asshole drunks,….just not for me anymore. That’s a younger man’s game, or an older man that doesn’t mind all that.

Awhile back I found out that our album was nominated for best local rock release of 2013 in Whatzup Magazine. Whatzup is a local(Fort Wayne, IN) entertainment magazine that covers all entertainment in the area. Music, visual arts, arts, etc. They have an awards show every year called the Whammys. This is where all the local boys and girls get recognition for a job well done. Somehow we got put on the ballot. I was shocked. Not because I didn’t think we were worthy or anything, but because we’re pretty much unknown in the Fort. We don’t play shows. We don’t promote. We don’t even mingle for Christ’s sake! How did we get put on the ballot? Regardless of how, we’re up for a Whammy for best local rock album. I am pleased to say the least.

The awards show is tonight in Fort Wayne the C2G Music Hall, which is sort of located in downtown Fort Wayne. Neither myself or Mr. Page will be attending. Real life has requested our presence elsewhere in the universe. Like I said, we’re just a couple working stiffs doing this music thing when reality allows. Do I think we’ll win? No. We’re up against a group of bands that actually gig around town. Bands that do that whole rock n’ roll thing much better than we do. But then again, this award is for best album, not best gigging rock band. If I’m being perfectly honest I think we made one of the best local albums. And not only that, we did it ourselves, in my basement, drinking coffee while my kids were upstairs watching cartoons as the dog looked out the living room picture window. We made crazy noise with ebb and flow as real life kept keeping on around us. That should count for something.

Regardless the outcome, it was an honor being nominated. Really and truly an honor.

Check the album out here.

4 Replies to “It’s An Honor Just Being Nominated”

  1. Nice one! I am super happy for you. It also gives back some hope that good work doesn’t need flashy social networking and loads of promo-endeavours but sometimes simply shines through. But no wonder, we all got your album at home and love it and we are obviously some of the best music critics out there. With “we”, I mean the readers of this blog, obviously, not me in a weird majestic plural-usage. Again, Congrats!


    1. I’d like to imagine a world where there’s an army of fichtensteins sitting around listening to Cambodia Highball, plotting some sort of world takeover. That makes me smile.

      Thank you for the kind words. It is good to know that occasionally music is liked and appreciated simply on it’s merits as music, and not some sort of trendy, sugar-coated product. Cause really, there’s NOTHING trendy about me.


  2. That’s brilliant news! I love the swanky invite too – you should have gone and drunk other people’s booze for free. You realize that not showing up will only add to your mystique? I’ve steadily been putting out rumours that Cambodia Highball are actually John-Paul Jones and Yngwie J Malmsteen mucho incognito.


    1. JPJ and Malmsteen???? Brilliant!! Let’s hope those rumors begin to spread like wildfire. I should reacquaint myself with the ‘Rising Force’ album…just in case.


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