Justin and Daniel: Just Like You And Me

justin and danielEveryone deserves love. Everyone deserves to be loved. It’s our right as tenants of this world. Purveyors of this earth. It’s something that shouldn’t be denied of anyone, anywhere. When you find that someone that completes you and makes you feel like you’re invincible; makes you feel whole, I’ll tell you there’s nothing like it in the world. You know what I’m talking about. You know that warmth that starts in your guts and moves its way through you till you feel like you’re glowing. A beacon of love. A light of oneness. When you find it you want to hold onto it forever. You find that person that you want to battle life with you never want to let them go. I found that person. We’ve been battling this thing called life together since we were 17 years old, man. Sometimes it’s hard, but with her by my side we’ve gotten through it just fine. Justin and Daniel Roebuck-Lafleur are a lot like my wife and I. They’re happily married. Cute little mutt named Wyatt to come home to. A loving couple who’ve been through thick and thin together. “Hopelessly still in love” after being together for 7 years and married for 6. They want the same things in life as any other couple; they want to be happy. They want to flourish and succeed.

Here’s the thing: there is a big difference between Justin and Daniel and my wife and I. The difference is that the US Government is keeping these two apart. I won’t go into great detail regarding this situation, as I will let Justin tell you in his own words. His words are what count here, not mine. All I will say is that I’m disgusted, disheartened, and disillusioned by a country that barks words like “freedom”, “rights”, and “freedom of expression” with the American flag whipping in the wind behind them, all the while denying these rights to people just because they happen to be gay. This could turn into a diatribe on the hypocrisy of this nation and it’s flagrant abuse of religion to make themselves feel good about alienating, discriminating, and looking down on folks that don’t follow their rule book. Their disjointed, simpleton, one-sided, and hate-filled moral code.

This could turn into that sort of post, but it won’t.

You see, after reading about Justin and Daniel you’ll see they’re not turning their situation into that. They just want to be with that person they love more than anything in the world. That person they want to battle the rest of this life with. Their beacon of love. Their light of oneness. They also want us to be aware of their situation and how terribly unfair and wrong it is.

Please read about Justin and Daniel. If you can help them out, I think that would be pretty fantastic. Don’t do it for a cause, or a life choice, or a political movement. Do it for love.

Find out about Justin and Daniel here.


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