Odd Geometry Is Here

Odd Geometry coverAfter countless singles, blog posts, hints, allegations, and general chit chatting about this thing called Cambodia Highball and that other thing called Odd Geometry the time has come to either put up or shut up. Odd Geometry is here and ready for your listening pleasure.

It’s been a little over six months since Mr. Page and myself began this musical journey(and several years since we’ve started and stopped this musical dance.) I think both of us, after all these years, have finally found that balance in our lives to where we could both be on the same creative, artistic plain and were ready to create something together. Odd Geometry is that creation, and we couldn’t be more proud of this album. A culmination of musical experiments, visions, and creative grandeur have brought us to this four song, 74 minute journey. We couldn’t afford to press this on double vinyl with a double gatefold sleeve -and a lot of your probably don’t have a turntable anyways- so we created a vinyl experience in the digital realm. We took our 8 songs and mixed and mastered them as a 4-sided double LP. No weird cuts between tracks. Everything flows as if you’re listening to four individual sides of a double record. We wanted this album to remain as DIY as possible, so no Kickstarter campaigns, no asking for money upfront, no songs written “just for you, our listener” kind of deals. There’s nothing wrong with those things, it’s just not us. It’s not Cambodia Highball. We want you to jump right into this album. Immerse yourself. A lot of folks don’t(or can’t)take the time to just listen to music for an hour straight. I get it. Hell, I find it hard to do it. But, our hope is that you can do that with Odd Geometry. It’s a journey record(not a Journey record.) “I Saw Your Die In The Arms Of The Universe” and “Ghost Of Us” are the bookends; in between is a walk through light and dark. Ambient and visceral. The record really does play out like a story. A story we wrote one song at a time, but never really knowing how it would actually play out. Once that final master was done, we knew this story was complete. It was a beautiful thing.

Cambodia Highball won’t be playing any shows. We won’t be doing acoustic jams at open mic night. And we definitely won’t be busking for coffee and cigarette money on your nearby street corner. There are bands that you go see at the local pub and they are masters of that terrain. What Cambodia Highball does is strictly parlour music for the mind. A soundtrack to a fever dream. Think of us as music that appears, then disappears into the ether. There are many more “soundtracks to fever dreams” that we will be bringing to your ears into the future. This is merely our first offering. Our very own “Kool-Aid Acid Test”.

Please, grab a cup of our punch and drink up.

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