Odd Geometry Coming Soon

cambodia threeIt’s getting close. I’m anxious as hell to release this album onto the world. But we’re not quite ready. Not quite. We’re still tweaking artwork, getting articles lined up, doing some promotion here and there. Basically just getting all our ducks in a row, for lack of a better term.

It’s strange. This process of setting music onto the world has always been a rather simple one for me. Since it was only me before,  I could just dump an album whenever I felt like it. “I feel like making a record this weekend and releasing it Monday.” No problem. But this one’s different. I feel more protective of this one. I feel like it needs to be just right. It helps having someone just as vested in a vision. Much like a marriage, you plan together. You talk out the plan and you decide on a mission and how to achieve that mission. Prior to this Cambodia Highball project I never really had that in a band setting. I played with other people, but it always still felt like I was the one doing most of the work. The praise and criticism would fall flatly in my lap. But Cambodia Highball is different. I feel like the songs are equally created. It’s 50/50 for sure. Then I sort of wear the engineering cap and worry about creating the presentation for the ears. Mr. Page is in charge of the presentation of the eyes. He is the art concept and design guy. It’s a good feeling not having to worry about that aspect. I did it before just because I didn’t have a choice. Part of the time I really liked it. I love having a vision and making that vision become reality. But I’m just not as adept at the design aspect. Design is Shane Darin Page’s bread and butter. He’s got my back on that part, and I’ve got his in the overall flow of the record. Responsibility is cut pretty much down the middle.

I like that.

So clear your calendar on October 29th. That’s when Cambodia Highball’s Odd Geometry drops.

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