Saturday Morning

super heroYeah, it’s a super hero kind of morning here in the woods located in a cornfield located in Northeast Indiana. I’m good with that, actually. It seems it’s a veritable United Nations of super hero fun going on, too. There’s DC and Marvel representin’ yo. Someday I will have a new iPod with a camera and the pictures won’t look grainy and seedy like some creeper taking photos outside of a sorority house. Until then, it’s gonna be creepy.

Today my pal Shane is coming over and we’re working on another song. More improvising and more musical shenanigans. This will be song two for the next volume of Cambodia Highball craziness. That volume one is ready for your ears, we’re just finalizing artwork. Keep the first couple weeks of October clear, you hear? It’s gonna get weird…and wonderful. Lots of goodness coming your way, I promise. What’s that? You want to hear one more song from the new album? Seriously? Hmm. Let me think abo…Yes! I’ll give you one more little aural surprise. Be patient and keep your computer/handheld device handy. You’ll get a surprise later today.

Until then….Wonder Twin powers, activate!

PS…If you can correctly guess all the superheros in the picture above, I’ll owe you a Coke.

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