Dr. Dog’s ‘B-Room’ Is Gonna Be Amazing

broom-coverSo I just heard another song off the new Dr. Dog album coming out in October. I love it.  I don’t know why these scruffy Philly indie rockers aren’t bigger than they are.  They’ve been putting out excellent music for close to 10 years now and they’re still seen as this scrappy bunch of white dudes that mix Philly soul and indie rock noise.  They’re so much more than that, people.  I’ve seen them live three times and each time they blew me away.  They’re so bloody talented and are so in-tuned with each other that I don’t think any other band working today can even come close to what they do.

There,  I said it.  Dr. Dog are unstoppable. They’re the Voltron of indie rock.

The two songs I’ve heard off B-Room are nothing but simple, to-the-point, soulful tracks that could have been covered by some of Motown’s greats back in the day and would’ve been hits.  It seems with these two songs Dr. Dog have truly found “their” sound.  They’ve come close to finding it before.  2010s Shame, Shame, to me, was the band dabbling with what was becoming Dr. Dog’s trueness.  Their essence, if you will. Be The Void had them honing the sound, while still having some fun with some lo fi rockers.  But now?  Now I think with having their own studio to take their time in, the band has been able to get to the center of the Dr. Dog Tootsie Roll Pop.  We’ve gotten to the gooey, sticky center and we are all the better for it.

Take a listen and hear for yourself.

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