Getting Close


Well I’ve been hard at work sonically caressing these tracks that Mr. Page and I have been working so hard in since May, and I have to say I haven’t been this excited about music creation in a long time. I finished mastering the eight songs we’ve completed tonight. I’m currently playing them back on my home stereo upstairs and I’m f******g floored! This album is gonna blow your minds! Lots of low end, lots of sonic experimentation, lots of grooves, and lots epic spaced-out soul searching.

More news and one more sneak peek coming later this week.

October is gonna get freaky, people.

9 Replies to “Getting Close”

  1. Note to self: boring September (except for my B-Day) and freaky October. I’m bracing myself already!

    For my newfound guitar geekery: I recognize everything on your pedal board except that Boss thing (Ibanez?) in the upper left. Whazzat?


      1. No, I’m just too cheap to buy an analog delay when when my digital delay works just fine. I have every intention of buying a Deluxe Memory Man at some point.

        You’re no sucka, sucka.


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