Cambodia Highball: “I Saw You Die In The Arms Of The Universe”

I saw YouWell it’s been at least a couple weeks so I felt it was time for a new Cambodia Highball track to be released out into the world.  Where the first two songs were more straightforward, this is not.  It’s ten minutes.  There’s no vocals.  It’s a song about a “feeling”.  It’s vast, noisy, and cinematic in scope.  In other words, this is no four minute rock n’ roll track.

When we started talking about Cambodia Highball and what we wanted to accomplish within it our main objective was to create on-the-fly, improvisational pieces of music that captured a moment in-the-now.  Honestly, those first two songs were flukes.  They were not what we had in mind when we hit record.  As it happened, they just sort of came out that way and I think that’s pretty cool.  But our intent all along has been to create music that could be used in film.  A film running through our heads at that particular moment.  Music that soundtracks our everyday lives.  The great triumphant moments, and the hard, struggling moments, too.  Explosions In The Sky, Mogwai, Miles Davis, Can, Flaming Lips….these are just a few bands that were really lighting a fire under our butts to want to do this.  They make music that makes you feel something.  Music that takes you somewhere.  Some of it is beautiful, harsh, funky, weird, and even harrowing.  We wanted to make our version of all of that, and this track was our first foray into that.

We’ve so far completed eight recording sessions, which has given us eight songs coincidentally.  We’re not done.  We’ve now started into a new direction:  electronic music.  We want to incorporate some beats into a couple recording sessions.  Our first experiment was a huge success.  I’m hoping the next one will be even better.  We want to have a nice sized pool of songs to pull from when we finally sit down to create this record.  We want it to be a listening experience, like listening to a double LP without having to get up and flip the record(if we could release a double album on 200 gram vinyly with double gatefold sleeve….well that would be the cat’s pajamas).  Be that as it may, we are releasing this digitally in two forms.  One will be an album of individual tracks.  The other will be one track with all the songs flowing together as one giant piece of music.  This will be when you can chill on the couch with beer in hand and hopefully some nice headphones on your noggin for a true listening experience.  We’re going to have a very limited run of physical CDs as well(which will be available at a couple of local brick n’ mortars and our Bandcamp page).

But hey, I’m getting ahead of myself.  We’re still deep in the thick of making this thing.  For now, here’s “I Saw You Die In The Arms Of The Universe” by Cambodia Highball.

14 Replies to “Cambodia Highball: “I Saw You Die In The Arms Of The Universe””

  1. I like how you organically do well with what various electronic artists (in my opinion) don’t. Rather than have pieces pop up and later leave in random combos, the musical elements just rise from from muck or sink back into the mist. They’re still there (more or less), just not always on top. Then a storm hits and you rebuild a different, but related, pile of layers. It’s a little like a mix of your prior guitar-based sounds with Oneida. Interesting stuff!

    So, how do you construct something like this? “I’ll play something … now you try to add on”? “OK, I’ve got these six layers in mind, you take three and I’ll take three”? “I don’t know … let’s just play something and play something else on top of it”?


    1. Well, everything starts with a guitar part either of us bring to the session. Or bass part. From there we just play together for a bit, seeing where it goes rhythmically. Once we find a groove we play with subtle changes, all the while keeping the theme going(the rising from the murk, as you put it). Once we’re good with a groove and any changes, we hit record and play for as long as we feel it. Once guitar, drums, and sometimes guitar loop are recorded live, we go back and overdub more guitar, bass, keys, percussion, noise, etc…

      Mixing is where we make the song live and breathe. It’s as important as hitting record. But that’s how we start the process.


      1. Cool! Thanks! Listening to it, it seemed a bit like an open elevator, going up and down to the emphasized floor while several floors below/above was the original theme still going strong. That’s a good thing for me since it feels more organic than other ways of moving themes in/out.


      2. Whenever I get the chance to talk shop, so to speak, I can go on forever. A nice dark stout or two in me and it could take up an entire evening.

        Thanks. I hear organic and that makes me happy. That’s exactly what I’m/we are going for.

        Now I’m excited to share more!


    1. Hello darling! It’s good to hear from you! I think you need to write the liner notes for this album.

      Working on the preliminaries at the moment; what will be included, sequencing, and artwork. This will be volume one. Volume two will follow shortly after.

      So how you doing?


      1. It’s good to be heard from 🙂 I’m alright. Summer’s fading fast and as the weather cools, I’m looking forward to morning coffee and good reads and conversation at the breakfast table.


      2. Looking forward to having you back at the breakfast nook with a strong cup of columbian blend.

        When I get this cd sorted out, I’ve got a copy with your name on it.


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