From The Front Porch To The Turntable: ‘To The Happy Few’ First Impressions

DSC03699Yes!  The new Medicine arrived on my front porch today from my friends at Captured Tracks!(maybe not friends, but co-conspirators in my plan to create a wall of vinyl…and possibly my greatest music pushers…their s**t gets you really high)

I’ve been looking forward to this album for months.  Well, basically since I bought Shot Forth Self Living back in December down at the always incredible Luna Music in Indianapolis.  Not long after that I’d heard Medicine had reformed and were working on new material.  I love when that happens.  When I get into a band that has been long done then they surprisingly reemerge and put out some incredible music.  Okay, that never really happens, but this time makes up for all the times it hasn’t happened up to this point.  Jesus, I’m rambling.

To The Happy Few and Medicine deserve a glowing review from yours truly and they both shall get it.  Once I live with this hallucinogenic pop beauty for a week I will put fingertips to keyboard and tell you all why you should buy this album and adore it for years to come.  I will say this:  “shoegaze” is a bush league way to describe this band.  At least what they are now it is.  This band and this album are so much more than that genre can even begin to encompass. Sugary, hallucinogenic, psychedelic technicolor pop.   Imagine Olivia Tremor Control after a good bubble bath, with dilated eyes and a glass of absinthe. In another room The Beatles get a remix by Kevin Shields, and Syd Barrett sits by laughing wildly.  Imagine all that with in-your-face drums and otherworldy harmonies that are at once beautiful and ghostly.  That covers the first three songs.  “Long As The Sun”, “It’s Not Enough”, and “Holy Crimes” melted my face;  while “Butterfly’s Out Tonight”, “Find Me Always”, and “Daylight” wrecked my psyche.  And that was the first listen.

I’ll be living with this album for weeks to come.  Then years.  First impression?  It’s gonna be in my top five for the year.  No doubt.  Now go buy it and lets discuss.

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