Dr. Dog’s ‘B-Room’ coming in October

photo by Nicky Devine courtesy of Spin.com
photo by Nicky Devine courtesy of Spin.com

It’s always a good day when you find out Dr. Dog is readying a new album, and yesterday was a good day.  Dr. Dog is yet again getting ready to release what is sure to be a 2013 highlight with B-Room, their first record since releasing 2012s excellent but highly underrated Be The Void.  There was that Wild Race e.p. on Black Friday, but not a release proper.

After listening to the first single called ‘The Truth’, it seems the Philly soul rockers have embraced those Philly soul roots with open arms and open hearts, as it sways like the best of that city’s soulful alumni’s sound.  Dr. Dog have graduated magna cum laude from the school of heart and soul.  Full circle, baby.  This song is a beautiful chunk of soulful rock n’ soul.  It’s still Dr. Dog, no doubt about it.  But they’re not trying to play to everyone here.  To my ears they’re playing for themselves, and it just so happens that this wonderful song should appeal to everyone who has a soul and a pulse.  In the past they’ve tinkered with this sound.  Shame Shame was the album that got the closest to Dr. Dog finding their voice.  Their style.  Their essence.  That album had the perfect mix of scraggly rock n’ roll and that soulful Philadelphia sound.  Be The Void was more along the lines of beat up, dirtied indie rock with hints of their 90s alt rock brethren such as Pavement, Guided By Voices, and Beck.  It wasn’t a step back by any means.  More of a breather than anything else.  But if “The Truth” is any indication, B-Room could be the one.  B-Room could be Dr. Dog saying “The hell with it.  This is who we are.  Now grab your lady or man and get down with us.”

I hope they say that.  I really, really do.

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