White Hills Tuesday


These came in the mail from Luna Music in Indianapolis. Been really excited to get these two. The self-titled(on the right) is fantastic. Somewhere between Heads On Fire and H-p1. Great fuzzed-out space rock with a healthy dose of ambience and drone. The one on the left, Stolen Stars Left For No One was an exclusive 3-song vinyl available at shows during their 2010 tour. All 3 tracks are wonderful. Hazy, drifting smoke covering the mind’s eye…or something like that.

Gearing up for the August release of So You Are…So You’ll Be. It’s gonna epic stuff.

Thanks Luna. Thanks White Hills. And most of all, thank you iced coffee.

8 Replies to “White Hills Tuesday”

  1. I love the self-titled one too, it’s sort of my favourite at the moment – I just love the foil sleeve and the fact that it’s impossible to photograph properly. Not heard the other one at all, you’ll have to let me know if it’s any good.

    If you haven’t taken the plunge yet I’d be a bit cautious about ‘Frying on This Rock’, it was a real disappointment when I got it and although I have given it a decent go it hasn’t really grown on me yet.

    You filthy enabler!


    1. Loving the self-titled! And that jam act the end of side two is brilliant! I’m getting Live at Roadburn Friday.

      And if you can get your hands on Stolen Stars do. It’s top notch space rock. Side one is one 14 minute mind melting slow jam. Side two is ambient, droned out brilliance.

      I’ve been hooked on Heads On Fire since I got it, but S/T may take the throne. That is, until I hear “Paradise” again. Frying On This Rick is by far the weakest link. Haven’t bought it yet, but if I do it’ll be the last one I do.

      My preorder is preordered, btw.


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