Yep….It’s Monday

boomtownratsMan, there’s nothing worse than that first Monday back from a week long vacation.  Then to come in and find out you’re flying solo on top of that is, well, the s**t icing on the s**t cake.  Mmm mmm.  Dig in.

So, in lieu of a regular post I thought I’d share a video my son made.  If you’re having a crap-tastic day like I am then I’m sure you’ll appreciate it.  It might even put a smile on your face.  It did mine.

My son has discovered the wonder that is the webcam on the lap top, so he’s begun making little mini-movies.  He made this one Saturday evening after getting back from town and buying an Abomination action figure with his garage sale loot.  I edited it down from its 7 1/2 minute original length.  Maybe a director’s cut will be released at some point, complete with director’s commentary, gag reel, deleted scenes, and alternate ending.  For now, here you go.

See you all tomorrow with music goodness.

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